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The very beginning…

The first leg of my travels...

The first leg of my travels...


I started my travels by getting out of Auckland as soon as possible! I packed up everything I owned and threw it in friends’ garages across the city, handed back the key to my now ex flat and jumped on a bus to see my parents in Tauranga – for one day.

I carried on to a tiny little place called Turakina to stay with a friend before she moved overseas. Turakina doesn’t consist of all that much really, it’s about six buildings in a bunch on the main road to Wanganui, but it was beautiful there. In the big old coach house with quirks and angles that Emily and her father lived in, on the beach littered with strange driftwood, in the garden in gumboots among the grass. More than anything it was fantastic to see her again – in my making of memories I find myself missing older times and versions of myself. My journal entry for the first night there reads:

“The conversations! We can discuss art, writing, photography, films, fashion, society. It’s what I miss. And just being around ideas again makes my mind tick over. It’s exhilarating and exhausting. So much still to learn.”

Emily is a photographer I admire greatly, especially her talent for portraits, and I asked her to take my picture while I was there…

img_8163sm-640x480 img_8153sm-640x480

And was thrilled with the results! Check out her work here and here.

She was also kind enough to let me take her picture as well…




I could have stayed so much longer than a week, but back on the bus I went to Tauranga – this time for two whole days – before packing my gears for the next great adventure and heading back to Auckland…


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New Leaves

This is my first entry into the world of blogging, so I should really start by introducing myself, and explain a little bit about why I’m all of a sudden starting a blog after so many years without feeling the need to.

I’m a girl, I’m 20 years old, I live in New Zealand and people on the internet know me as theodamus.

Very soon I’ll be finishing university and hitting the “real world”

I have very little money, crazy ideas, a fangirl lust for the theatre and beautiful tattoos, I take photos, I make things, I love to cook.

I grew up a vegetarian and over the last few weeks I decided to take a deep breath and become vegan.

So that’s really what motivated me to start this blog, more for myself than anyone else; to track my journey towards being a vegan, to look at what I cook, what I eat, what I believe, how I take action – all that deep and meaningful serious foodie stuff alongside random thoughts and stories and photographs and recipes and ramblings from my life in general.

I’m pretty sure that no one will be reading this, but if you’ve stumbled across this page welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride.


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