I’m a girl, I’m 20 years old, I live in New Zealand and people on the internet know me as theodamus.

I’ve just finished university, which means that all going well I will be hitting the “real world” any time now – but first I want a holiday!

I have very little money, crazy ideas, a fangirl lust for the theatre and beautiful tattoos, I take photos, I make things, I love to cook.

I’m a vegetarian. I’m an aspiring vegan. I’m an aspiring portrait photographer. I’m aspiring to a more interesting and fulfilling life on many levels – so that’s really what motivated me to start this blog, more for myself than anyone else; to track my journey towards being a vegan, to look at what I cook, what I eat, what I believe, what I do. To look at the way I live and the way I want to live and – all that deep and meaningful serious stuff alongside random thoughts and stories and photographs and recipes and ramblings from my life in general.


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    Denis said,

    Hi. I saw your recipes on I can’t post my questions there, but wanted to ask a vegan questions about becoming a vegan and so I followed the link to your blog.

    I bought some veggie ground round, but am not sure of that is considered vegan or not, and then with the spagetti sauce I made, not sure if IT is vegan. Heck I am not even sure what being a vegan IS! So I surely need help figuring out what and how to do it!

    I looked over the recipes you have listed and they do look wonderful, but I don’t have a garden or space for one being in an apartment (here in Canada) to get the fresh things you have listed.

    I am much older than you (47) so this is NOT a hitting on you thing. I am noobishtovegan on that other website. I just want to get to know the vegan lifestyle, do’s and don’ts, and whether I am doing things right as I bit by bit transition from being the hardcore meat eater than I have been in the past.

    My life is in a state of flux as I change spiritually, mentally, and well, attitude about “life” wise. Dietary problems are forcing me into it so it is not an easy choice for me but more of a forced upon me thing. So I figure I can change food wise too and get healthier too!

    So this is pretty much a Q and A thing, as I don’t actually know anyone here who is vegan. So if you are willing to answer my silly questions about food (and maybe about New Zealand, I hear it is amazingly beautiful there) I would be very grateful for your assistance is helping me live a better life! I have already found one of your country’s treasures in the voice of Hayley Westenra, (she has been graced with such a beautiful singing voice) so I KNOW there are interesting things to be found there!


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