Day of idiocy

This is what I had for breakfast:

Silverbeet, feijoa, frozen banana, wheat germ and soy milk - YUM!

Silverbeet, feijoa, frozen banana, wheat germ and soy milk - YUM!

After that, however, the day got a bit sillier.

First off, I’ve had an unexplainably sore nose for several days now, I couldn’t work out why – it’s been feeling like I landed on my face or got punched in a bar fight or something which is completely odd because of course I’m a lovely young lady who would never dream of such a thing…

Anyway, today I took off my glasses to wash my face and saw in the mirror that they were leaving an indent in the bridge of my nose. The little nose pads that support the frames have come loose which means the frames have just been resting on my nose and have left what feels like a lovely bruise; it’s hurting me to wear them.

I love my glasses, proud four-eyes over here! They’re purple and funky and I look way more interesting (and intelligent) with them on. Quite apart from fashion or pride though, when I don’t wear them I get a massive headache, squint my eyes up and generally feel spaced out from not seeing clearly. So not being able to wear them mucked up my plans for today.

Anyway, to take my mind off it, satisfy my constant sushi craving and get my spirits up all in one go I decided to try my hand at making a vegan version of Dragon Roll sushi.

It was fantastic fun! i’ve only ever made sushi once before so it wasn’t by any means perfect, but still looked pretty damn good. So of course before eating I meticulously got my camera and documented it from all angles and got some fantastic shots, then dug in. Half way through my second piece I decided to see what the photos looked like on the computer screen…and discovered the memory card hadn’t been in the camera. I know I know, very blonde of me, but shouldn’t the camera have told me that when I used it?!

So sadly I never really took the gorgeous pictures of the full roll, but did take these of the half eaten product. Next time!

Like...half a dragon's tail?

Like...half a dragon's tail?

With nummy teriyaki tofu centre!

With nummy teriyaki tofu centre!

The sauce on top is this, and oh wow does it taste good!

Silliness and broken glasses aside, my day still had some great things in it, like my baby silverbeets standing up and looking alive so far, I have hope for my babies! I have been invited to a vegan dinner and it will be lovely to be cooked for, I crossed loads of things off my list of “to dos”, I got to wear my crazy stripey cardigan, and this.

Catchya later folkses!


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