Vege (garden) virginity!

Well haven’t I been the worst blogger in the history of time? Instead of trying to post the backlog of things I’ve been meaning to put up here, I’ll just turn over another leaf and start from now again.

The big excitement of my day was starting my first ever little vege garden! I went off to King’s plant barn and nervously (I was almost too shy) asked for advice, which I got! So after drooling and daydreaming over less practical things like blueberry trees and freesias I decided to start small and loaded up my very-kind-for-driving-me-there boyfriend’s car with a wooden planter trough, huge bag of organic vege-growing potting mix, and some seedlings: rainbow silverbeet, carrots, spring onions, chives, thyme and parsley.

I proceeded to get my hands dirty – emptied out some other pots I had, filled them and the trough up with potting mix, and nervously, with much care, transplanted the herbs into pots and silverbeet into the trough. Look!

Look at my little babies!

Look at my little babies!

I’m hoping so hard that I did it right and didn’t traumatise the little planties to much, the guy at the plant shop was very gung-ho and told me to just put them straight in, which I did, then afterwards found all this info on the net telling me how I should “harden up” the seedlings and acclimatise them for weeks and do all this other stuff… so I’m full of nervouse energy and sending all my love to my little plant babies!

I had nowhere near enough space, so I will get some more planter troughs tomorrow to transplant the carrots and spring onions into. Here’s to an awesome winter vege garden and delicious home grown organic food!


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    Heliamphora said,

    O how I looove growing veggies, it feels so good!! It must be verrry exciting for you. I’m assuming, from what you said, that this is your first time growing things. Good for you! I bet you have a longer growing season up north than I do down south. ^_^ Enjoy it.

    If you ever have a chance, try growing ‘corn salad’, in the winter months. It’s a very tasty, light winter green. Mmm.

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