The food of my holiday…

For your viewing pleaure, a pictorial update on some of the delcious vegan food I made and ate during my long absence from blogging…

Yummy pizza thrown together in a backpackers' lodge in Canberra!

Yummy pizza thrown together in a backpackers' lodge in Canberra!

I tried Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese for the first time on these. So delicious…very sad I can’t buy it here in New Zealand. This was my first attempt at vegan pizza and I loved it!

My parents were darlings and were happy with me taking over, planning and cooking an entirely vegan Christmas dinner for the three of us this year:

The full spread

The full spread

The tofurkey itself!

The tofurkey itself!

I made my first attempt at tofurkey and an orgasmically good stuffing, and served it all up with gravy, roasted root veges, steamed fresh greens, and carrots and parsnips braised in lemon and garlic. It was absolutely divine. We followed it up with vegan kahlua and boysenberry cheesecake (my adaptation of this recipe) and an egg-free take on the famous NZ pavlova.

Thai yellow curry

Thai yellow curry

Inspired by my flatmate heading to Thailand for New Year, I started throwing chillies in everything! This curry was delicious, with lime, coconut cream and a generous dose of hot.

Feel Better Miso

Feel Better Miso

With the changes of season so far this year I’ve had more than my fair share of sniffles and coughs – and I’ve been reaching for this recipe which works wonders! Full of garlic, ginger and miso it’s comforting and delicious while it cures what ails you.

Secret recipe mini pot pies

Secret recipe mini pot pies

Craving some food to remind me of home I whipped up some of these cute little mini pies from a family secret recipe – fun to eat, low in fat and amazingly tasty.

That’s all folks!


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    Heliamphora said,

    Whoa, whoa. whoa.

    It’s more than enough that you created a tofurkey for your FIRST vegan, family seasonal celebration. Wow.

    I shall admit that I never liked pavlova, BUT…. I am. just. stonkered. that you made a vegan version of it. Bloody good work, theo! LOLz. 😀

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