Memory Lane in the Making

This is my last real holiday before I enter the working world, and to make the most of it I made a list of the things I would like to do to make it memorable, fuel for lots of those “I remember, back in the summer I finished uni, I did this crazy thing! Man I miss those days” moments in the future. I’m young, I’m between occupations, I’m freer than I’ve been in years, so why not?

As I wrote in my journal on deviantART:

“I’m going to spend the summer roaming and listening to music, reading poetry every day, photographing everything, throwing out all my clothes, finding new pre-loved ones and making my own, swimming, lying in meadows, running as fast and as far as I can, saying yes to everything, celebrating, cooking new things, discovering new places, being totally in love, hugging and kissing, laughing, pulling silly faces, getting tattooed, visiting people, refusing to work, being a nomad, doing and being and seeing whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want.

Sounds like fun to me.”

I’ve been making a good go of that list, and hell yes it’s fun! Unfortunately for my poor little blog, all of those adventures in the summer sunshine don’t leave much time for writing about them, so I’ve been rather completely absent. BUT now I’m back, from over a month of truly nomadic life, and I have so much to tell – experiences, ideas, photographs, stories, opinions, recipes – so don’t go away, stay tuned…


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