Mission statement (?)

I never really thought I had very strong beliefs in anything, since I’ve never managed to be religious or anything, but recently I realised religion has nothing to do with it. I have my own beliefs about everything, and they’re strong and deep seated, so it’s about time I start to take action and begin to live according to my own ideas.

So I came up with this list of guidelines I would like to follow:

I will not eat red meat
I will not eat chicken or fish
I will not eat dairy products – milk, cheese etc
I will not eat eggs

Wherever possible I will buy products that are fair trade, non sweatshop, organic, sustainable, not tested on animals.

Wherever possible I will make, knit, sew, construct my own clothing and accessories, or buy second hand or handmade items.

I will reduce my waste, reuse everything I can and recycle as much as the society I live in permits.

I will begin to grow some of my own food.

I’ll be updating about how I get on following these 🙂 Watch this space!


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