Days 1 and 2

These first posts are all retrospective…I came to all those realisations over the course of the last few weeks, and yesterday was my first “official” completely vegan day. But I figure I should start from the very beginning (a very good place to start 😉 )

Day 1: October 30, 2008

I had all the motivation in the world to start today! Hadn’t been having a very good few days so it felt like the positive thing to hang onto to keep me going and feeling good.

For breakfast I had a small bowl of delicious homemade muesli with fresh melon, grapes, kiwifruit and soymilk, then for a mid morning snack I had a piece of toast with marmite, avocado and black pepper.

It’s always much easier when you have a nice fresh load of new exciting food sitting there in the fridge.

I had an exam in the afternoon so for lunch I quickly ate some leftover Vegan Macaroni Cheese I made the night before and a piece of milk free dark chocolate along with plenty of water with lemon slices.

Sadly I didn’t finish the day as healthily as I started; exam finished = drinks so I basically ate a few potato wedges and downed a LOT of vodka – but that’s ok! Nobody said alcohol was anti vegan 😉

Day 2: October 31, 2008

Halloween! And I’m celebrating by being completely lazy at home and refusing to do anything. Had more avocado toast for breakfast then made a delicious vegan omelette for lunch with toast, avocado and veggies.

Much nicer than the egg version!

Much nicer than the egg version!

Off to a barbeque at my partner’s house tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I’ll be cooking up some vege sausages and making some more tofu creations I’m sure:D Also really looking forward to the amazingly  healthy (not) BBQ’d pineapple. MMMMMMMMMMM!

Still feeling happy, motivated and healthy – it’s so nice to eat “cheesy” tasting things without feeling sick afterwards!


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    Heliamphora said,

    Aw, you like marmite & avocado on toast too!… I finally found someone else who likes that. :-)b

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