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Days 1 and 2

These first posts are all retrospective…I came to all those realisations over the course of the last few weeks, and yesterday was my first “official” completely vegan day. But I figure I should start from the very beginning (a very good place to start 😉 )

Day 1: October 30, 2008

I had all the motivation in the world to start today! Hadn’t been having a very good few days so it felt like the positive thing to hang onto to keep me going and feeling good.

For breakfast I had a small bowl of delicious homemade muesli with fresh melon, grapes, kiwifruit and soymilk, then for a mid morning snack I had a piece of toast with marmite, avocado and black pepper.

It’s always much easier when you have a nice fresh load of new exciting food sitting there in the fridge.

I had an exam in the afternoon so for lunch I quickly ate some leftover Vegan Macaroni Cheese I made the night before and a piece of milk free dark chocolate along with plenty of water with lemon slices.

Sadly I didn’t finish the day as healthily as I started; exam finished = drinks so I basically ate a few potato wedges and downed a LOT of vodka – but that’s ok! Nobody said alcohol was anti vegan 😉

Day 2: October 31, 2008

Halloween! And I’m celebrating by being completely lazy at home and refusing to do anything. Had more avocado toast for breakfast then made a delicious vegan omelette for lunch with toast, avocado and veggies.

Much nicer than the egg version!

Much nicer than the egg version!

Off to a barbeque at my partner’s house tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I’ll be cooking up some vege sausages and making some more tofu creations I’m sure:D Also really looking forward to the amazingly  healthy (not) BBQ’d pineapple. MMMMMMMMMMM!

Still feeling happy, motivated and healthy – it’s so nice to eat “cheesy” tasting things without feeling sick afterwards!


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Mission statement (?)

I never really thought I had very strong beliefs in anything, since I’ve never managed to be religious or anything, but recently I realised religion has nothing to do with it. I have my own beliefs about everything, and they’re strong and deep seated, so it’s about time I start to take action and begin to live according to my own ideas.

So I came up with this list of guidelines I would like to follow:

I will not eat red meat
I will not eat chicken or fish
I will not eat dairy products – milk, cheese etc
I will not eat eggs

Wherever possible I will buy products that are fair trade, non sweatshop, organic, sustainable, not tested on animals.

Wherever possible I will make, knit, sew, construct my own clothing and accessories, or buy second hand or handmade items.

I will reduce my waste, reuse everything I can and recycle as much as the society I live in permits.

I will begin to grow some of my own food.

I’ll be updating about how I get on following these 🙂 Watch this space!

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New Leaves

This is my first entry into the world of blogging, so I should really start by introducing myself, and explain a little bit about why I’m all of a sudden starting a blog after so many years without feeling the need to.

I’m a girl, I’m 20 years old, I live in New Zealand and people on the internet know me as theodamus.

Very soon I’ll be finishing university and hitting the “real world”

I have very little money, crazy ideas, a fangirl lust for the theatre and beautiful tattoos, I take photos, I make things, I love to cook.

I grew up a vegetarian and over the last few weeks I decided to take a deep breath and become vegan.

So that’s really what motivated me to start this blog, more for myself than anyone else; to track my journey towards being a vegan, to look at what I cook, what I eat, what I believe, how I take action – all that deep and meaningful serious foodie stuff alongside random thoughts and stories and photographs and recipes and ramblings from my life in general.

I’m pretty sure that no one will be reading this, but if you’ve stumbled across this page welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride.


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